At cuffed, we care about the planet and we make decisions with sustainability top of mind.

carbon offset shipping

We offset the carbon footprint of every package that we ship. Through a non profit, cool effect, we estimate the carbon footprint each of our shipments has, which allows us to purchase carbon credits to offset that footprint. head to the cool effect website to learn about all of their incredible carbon reducing projects around the global, like reforestation initiatives and capturing and converting methane into energy.


The majority of our pieces are made using recycled gold and silver. Please see individual product listing for more details.

recycled + recyclable packaging

Our shipping boxes are cardboard boxes made from a majority recycled content, and are curbside recyclable. We use crinkle paper filler to protect the jewelry pouch inside the box, which is made from 100% recycled content and is also curbside recyclable. The marketing insert in our shipments is made from recycled paper and is recyclable as well.


At our headquarters, we recycle scrap metal back to our suppliers on a regular basis so it can have a new life (maybe eventually coming back to us as new product!).

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