Our Story

I grew up loving both creativity and numbers - arts, crafts, math, econ, the full range. After college I was working a job in corporate retail, and was craving a creative outlet. I started hand stamping cuff bracelets on Etsy (hence "cuffed"). I quickly realized how much I loved having my own thing, and this thing just happened to tick all of my creative and analytical boxes. I left my job, created a website, and the rest is history. Cuffed has grown with me over the past 8 years - building out new product categories, growing into an entirely solid gold and gold filled assortment hyper focused on quality, and finally into my mom era, creating beautiful custom pieces for mamas. Through #cuffedcares, giving back will always be a part of the Cuffed brand. Every day is an adventure growing this business and I'm so grateful for the opportunity to do it.

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