permanent jewelry appointments
πŸ”— get permanently cuffed πŸ”—
schedule below to get a bracelet made to fit you perfectly and finished on your wrist without a clasp, at our HQ!


Like a chic tattoo.

How does it work?

We have a gorgeous collection of solid 14k gold chains - once you pick your favorite chain, we will measure the chain perfectly to your wrist. From there, we will close the bracelet with a jump ring, and then use a simple micro-welding pen to weld the ring closed so the bracelet is infinite and claspless.

What is the material?

Solid 14k gold. It is meant to be lived in.

Where are you located?

Cuffed HQ, 153 E Main St #110, Columbus OH 43215

Is it *actually* permanent?

Yes, and no! If you want it to be permanent, keep it on forever! If you want or need to remove it at any point, you can cut it off. we can always reattach it for you!

My friend and I both want one. Should I book one or two appointments?

Please book individual appointments because each appointment is for 1 individual. You can just book back-to-back appointments if you want to come together :)

What if I have to cut it off and want it put back on?

Easy! You can book a reattachment service with us for $10 and just pop in for it to be welded back on.

I want to bring a group in to have this done together. Do you do that?

Yes! If you want to book for a group (bachelorette party, girls weekend, moms night out, ya know), we can host you at our HQ for a 1-2 hour block. Please email us at

How much does it cost?

There is no fee for the process, just the price of the chain! Our chains are priced by the inch, ranging from $15/inch (ex: 6" bracelet for $90) to $42/inch (ex: 6" bracelet for $252). An average wrist is 6-7 inches. Scroll down to see an image of chain options.

Can I give a gift card for a permanent jewelry appointment?

Yes! Head to our permanent jewelry gift card and send it digitally to the recipient, or send it to yourself and print it out to give to them!

More questions? Email us!

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